A Champion Moment with Patrick Cowherd


Good Morning! First let me start off this day by giving thanks to God! I am so grateful that I am up and ready to make the best of this day! I work hard on my visions. Some days things go as planned and some days they don't but that doesn't stop me. I see adversity like hurdles instead of like road blocks! I Get over it and keep going! I have learned that God will provide me the tools to chip away at any mountain that stands in my way. All I know is that all the dots are starting to connect and what I have been working on for months is coming to fruition. 

I can't take all the credit because I do have one GREAT supporting cast in those who now see the big picture! Again I am thankful for those of you who have stuck around... Many of you watched me write, erase and re-write as well as held me accountable for making sure that I follow through. 

g the landscape in the spirit industry. It just proves that anything is possible with faith and being fearless! Bless everybody that's working on their dream today! Keep building! Folks, They'll doubt you but as long as you never doubt yourself that's all that matters!



Progressing and/or Regressing


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 iCupids proudly supports this parents forum and Colors of Hope.  http://www.cheerparentscentral.com

I am a dedicated cheer parent, most of us are. We all want to see our child progress and grow as a athlete on the floor, but what happens when they aren't progressing as fast as you, they, or the coaches want or (gasp) they regress, or lose skills. What now?
 I am proud to say that "I am that parent." I am that parent (my husband is too) who pushes our daughter (and our other children in their sports) to be their best. We have used bribes, lectures, and even pointed out that other athletes are growing in skills faster then (insert your child's name).
 However, it was recently pointed out to me, that I had "unrealistic expectations" when it came to my daughter nailing a skill and that I probably needed to lighten up a little.
 It's just SO hard when I watch other athletes get skills faster and/or better then my daughter.
 I currently have a deal with my daughter (Tessa) that if she is consistent with her full up, she gets the iphone case she wants. Maybe that's not the way you would go about it but it works for us. I know a mom who was going to give her child an iPad if she got her level 3 skills by a certain date. Another was a trip to the forbidden Ice Cream Parlor, if they hit all their stunts. Bribes seem to work for some kids. Lol
 How hard is too hard when it comes to pushing our kids? We pay a lot every month to watch our kids grow and become better athletes, so why did he/she lose a skill they were just doing? It can be so frustrating! For us, them and the coach.
 So here are a couple things you can think about doing:

 1. Talk to your child. Do they know what they are doing wrong or what they need to be doing different?

 2. Talk to the coach. When the coach has a minute, talk to them privately and see if they know what is going on and can provide some suggestions to help. For us, when Tessa wanted her tuck, one of her coaches gave her exercises to do at home and another suggested Debbie Love's website workouts that are based for specific skills. (www.fortheloveoftumbling.com)

 3. Repetition is so important. The more time they can spend working on that skill, the better they are going to be. Add in an extra tumbling/stretching class (if you can afford it) just to help get them over the hump. Schedule a private with a coach who knows your child so they can work with them in a way that will benefit your child.

 4. Don't have unrealistic expectations. I have so been guilty of this and didn't even realize. We know kids, we know how hard we can push, we think we know what our kids are capable of and what to expect of them but when it comes to cheer, let the coach decide the expectation level. They are the ones with them on the floor for every practice, every class, every private and a good coach knows what your child needs to get that skill or get a skill back. I said a "good coach" because there can be a not so good or bad coach who might be pushing your child too hard for their own gains. They might not be putting your  bilds mental and physical wellbeing first.  Sometimes it's really hard to see the difference and to know when to intervene, all I can say is trust your gut feeling as a parent and in the end no one canault you for that.

 For now I have given up on pushing for that standing tuck (don't get me wrong, I am still pushing and always will for her to be her best). Tessa is still growing and is doing her layout and focussing on her stunts and getting stronger. I have to take a step back sometimes and remind myself that she was a level 1 only for the 2010-2011 season and went to level 4 for 2011-2012 and grew so much and has gained so many skills under our amazing coaches. That is huge in itself!
 If your child is regressing or not progressing fast enough for you, them, or their coach, take a step back, make sure expectations are realistic and figure out how you can help without hindering.




A Parent’s Guide to Dealing with Routine Placement


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A Parent’s Guide to Dealing with Routine Placement from Cheer Parent Central.  iCupids proudly supports this parents forum and Colors of Hope.  http://www.cheerparentscentral.com

When routines are choreographed during the summer, an athlete’s placement is based upon their skills at that time.  As weeks and months go on and competition season is fast approaching, those spots are constantly being evaluated by coaches.  How do coaches evaluate where and when an athlete will be switched in a formation? How long does your child have to gain or lose skills? How, as a parent, should you handle your child being moved up or back in a routine?

I like to give my teams deadlines for everything.  I feel this sets a realistic goal for both the team and the individual athletes to maintain, perfect and execute skills.  Athletes are placed during choreography based on the skills they currently have and projected skills come competition time.  My Small Youth Level 2 routine was choreographed August 4-5.  Our first competition for that team is December 1.  I gave the team a deadline of October 1 to have every necessary skill, jump and stunt before changes would be made and placements would be altered. 

My teams know that this is a COMPETITIVE sport and you must COMPETE for your spot on a weekly basis.  Our gym offers more than enough outside tumbling classes, private lessons and weekly team tumbling at very low costs to all members.  We have provided our athletes with every resource needed to be successful in their current level.  The deadlines for routine placement may seem a bit harsh to some parents, but if we want our teams to succeed and demand the same equality in tumbling and stunting, it’s a necessary step. 

The opening tumbling pass for my Youth 2 is a squad front walkover, round-off handspring, half turn, stop, standing handspring, back walkover back handspring.  As of this past Saturday’s practice, I have 10 of my 16 who can complete this pass and execute it perfect.  I have 4 who cannot do the front walkover and 2 who cannot do the back walkover.  Their deadline is October 1.  If they cannot execute those moves, they are pulled from the sequence until they obtain the necessary skills. 

Whether your gym sets deadlines or not, here are some helpful tips for parents if your child is pulled from a spot in the routine:

  1. Don’t freak out.  I’ve personally experienced parents who fly off the handle if they see their child removed from a spot.  They rip the coach, gym and team’s record apart before they even speak to the coach. 
  2. Talk to your athlete.  Ask they why they feel they were pulled.  For my teams, they’ve been made well aware of the deadline for skills and know weeks in advance that the evaluation is coming.
  3. Schedule a meeting with the coach.  Usually there is a very simple explanation as to why your athlete was pulled from or switched in the routine.  There also may be some things that you athlete hasn’t told you about practice that the coach can shed light on.
  4. Remember that in all-star cheerleading, just as in any sport, things change from day to day.  Spots are not guaranteed even when they are switched.  This is a competition team and a competitive sport. 
  5. Be your athlete’s biggest support system no matter their spot in the routine.  Yes, you may have been moved to the back for jumps, but you’re the point for the dance.  Every athlete has their strengths and brings different elements to various parts of the routines.
  6. Remind your athlete (and yourself) that this is a TEAM sport and that judges don’t score individuals, they score teams.
  7. Don’t bash the athlete who took your child’s spot.  That athlete worked hard for his/her spot.
  8. Don’t bash the coaches to other parents.  This can only make you look bitter or petty.  And if your athlete gets moved back into their spot later on in the season, it may look even worse.  Give yourself a 24 hour cooling down time.  This goes for parents and athletes.
  9. Trust your coaches!! We are the masters of score sheets and see things at practice that parents may not.  A coach's mind set is to hit the score sheet and put the best routine on the mat.
There will be highs and lows during any team’s season.  There will be the elation of getting the last pass in tumbling and the low of being moved in the dance or jumps.  As coaches it is our job to put the best routine on the mat.  That may mean that some feelings get hurt because of routine placement.  But the joy on your athlete’s face when they hit that routine is priceless!!



A Success Motivation Moment with Patrick Cowherd


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Good Morning! Succcess called & said "Im not just a destination, I'm a decision. YOU can't just attain me, YOU must maintain me." I know that many of you come here for inspiration and maybe daily motivation and I am so grateful for that. Many of you that know me understand I am a true visionary... Well being that it is election time I thought it would only be fitting that we start our own little campaign. I am not talking about a political one that will vote me into office for president. I am talking about the type of campaign that will let EVERYONE know about one of the most unique events to hit the spirit industry! The CHAMPIONS CUP CHEER AND DANCE STATE NATIONALS! 



A Life ? What Life ! I am a Cheer Mom! by Maxine Poore


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Dont let the title of this post fool you ! I am not complaining.

Our typical day begins at 6 am. 5:30 If I am lucky enough to not beat my alarm clock to pieces and actually get up and make my daughter a good breakfast so she is not eating cereal in the car on the way to school . 

One of my requirements for my daughter to participate in all of her activities. She must, must,must,maintain her honor roll status at school!

Mornings in my house are no fun! It stinks because it set's the tone for the entire day.However we are not morning people! Many of our days start with a lot of Gggggggrrrrrrrrs !

Finally she is up!She eats breakfast with the lightening fast speed of a snail.She savors every last bite as if it were going to be her last morsel for the day.Let's go!Get a move on! I exclaim for the 15th time every morning.

Alas! She is geting dressed .Needless to say she doesnt agree with the clothing choice from last night,so that was another 10 minutes to find her outfit of choice for the day.Dressed at last , teeth brushed , face washed.Her hair ! What to do with her hair ? Waist length,semi thick,easily tangled,straight hair. Pony tail it is !

Lunch box packed, back pack ready, snack money in back pack and were off ! Were are my keys ? Finally out the door and on our way !12-15 minutes ride to school so its really not too bad,drop off/ pick up is usually pretty easy where she goes to school.That's a major plus !

I owe! I owe! It's off to work I go.Where I get to spend time with grown ups and drink coffee and not talk about 3rd grade gossip.But what do we as grown ups talk about at work ? OUR KIDS of course !

3:00 schools out !Bell rings and mines off to cross country practice till 4:00,Girls varsity practice till 5:30 and then All-Star practice from 6:30 till 8:30. Finally home around 9:00. It's time for a easy dinner,shower, homework and off to bed she goes.My bedtime varies 11:30 on an easy night is the best I can hope for .

I peek into her room one last time before I go to bed. There she is.Sleeping like an angel.My girl. My honor roll  student since KIndergarten,cross country running, cheer loving , basing,backspotting,flyer,sleeping with a smile on her beautiful face. 

Friends and family ask how I do it everday. Realistically what do I do? I drive the car and write the checks .She's the one busting her butt ! Not me.

To see her face light up when she takes that stage at competition,to see that smile,that sparkle in her eyes,that sheer happiness,knowing her dedication and hard work to get to where she is at, for all of the 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the routine,has paid off. I consider that payment in full for any contibution I have made to her quest.

As far as not having a life.I have the greatest life ! I am a Cheer Mom !

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A Champion's Cup Moment with Patrick


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This is from Grayson Marshall a man I met a few years ago while he was speaking at a meeting in Indianapolis. Grayson is one heck of a business person and is such Positive Motivator and role model. I was so excited to see a man of his stature like one of my post today, so of course I had to go check out what this guru has been up to. I stumbled upon a powerful message. When I read this I knew I had to re-share. If this doesn't resonate with those of you who are out there grinding everyday then I don't know what will. ENJOY!


When I look at the life of an entrepreneur I see some things that jump out at me that are both encouraging and somewhat confusing. Why is it that when I make a decision that I feel is a good one there seems to be opposition and question? Why are some of my closest relationships strained and changed while I am making new moves? Why does this time become what seems to be the most alone you can ever experience? Why does it seem that impatience is the emotion of the day? Why does apprehension and indecision seem like all to face? If you are experiencing this in your life then don't change the channel. You are watching the life and times of an entrepreneur. This is what it takes to be in that category. You chose it. Embrace it. As the Coach it is my job to tell you what to expect. In order to make it you have to be tested and when the test is being taken the teacher is always silent. We all must be close RIGHT? Yes we are. Get ready to celebrate. ~ GM

Folks, That is REAL!!



A Champion's Cup Minute with Patrick


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Good Morning! No matter how good or bad you think life is, wake up each day and be thankful for life. Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive! I am thankful to see another 24 hours and excited about all the things i haven't discovered today. Folks, The only thing that comes to a dreamer is sleep. Time to go to work!!! Have a couple of private lessons to do this morning/afternoon... Wish I could sleep in, but you all know how I grind....

A serious note to all the fellows out there: Stop looking for swag and look for purpose. A man that is purpose driven is on a different level than one focused on 'checkin his swag'. Always strive to be a gentleman, good mannered and most important handling your responsibilities! The goal isn't to be perfect… It's to just get better… and to never, ever stop! 

On my Labor day Grustle and Making Moves That Matter with The Cheerleading Agency, The Champions Cup Cheer and Dance State Nationals, HWAS and CheerCussions. 



iCupids Challenges you to make a difference at your own school.


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Cheerleaders ARE athletes! So attention Athletes, never think a day should go by without you giving back! One person can make a difference and you could be the one who saves lives. Student athletes, please use this form to request an a
pplication to create a Bully Suicide Project Student Affiliate Organization on your high school campus and to request additional information.  http://bullysuicideproject.wix.com/pozitive-sportz-athletez2012#!__contact



Our Spokesmodel Angel Rice announced as Cheerlebrity judge


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We are proud of all of the accomplishments of our own very Angel Rice and are thrilled to hear she is a new Cheerlebrity judge.  More to come!



A Thoughtful Moment with Champion's Cup


Blessed to wake up and see what this next 24 hours is going to produce. Sometimes what seems like a disappointment can be a blessing in disguise. YOU CHOOSE how you look at every situation. Just because you can't see what God is doing, doesn't mean he isn't doing anything... When you live out your God-given passion and purpose, you unknowingly make a positive difference in the lives of those around you. Folks, Woo Hoo! It is Labor day weekend. Except while others are resting I will be grinding! I Always strive to be better and do better! As a reminder: Don't put your life on hold to watch someone else live theirs! Make moves that matter!


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