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This is from Grayson Marshall a man I met a few years ago while he was speaking at a meeting in Indianapolis. Grayson is one heck of a business person and is such Positive Motivator and role model. I was so excited to see a man of his stature like one of my post today, so of course I had to go check out what this guru has been up to. I stumbled upon a powerful message. When I read this I knew I had to re-share. If this doesn't resonate with those of you who are out there grinding everyday then I don't know what will. ENJOY!


When I look at the life of an entrepreneur I see some things that jump out at me that are both encouraging and somewhat confusing. Why is it that when I make a decision that I feel is a good one there seems to be opposition and question? Why are some of my closest relationships strained and changed while I am making new moves? Why does this time become what seems to be the most alone you can ever experience? Why does it seem that impatience is the emotion of the day? Why does apprehension and indecision seem like all to face? If you are experiencing this in your life then don't change the channel. You are watching the life and times of an entrepreneur. This is what it takes to be in that category. You chose it. Embrace it. As the Coach it is my job to tell you what to expect. In order to make it you have to be tested and when the test is being taken the teacher is always silent. We all must be close RIGHT? Yes we are. Get ready to celebrate. ~ GM

Folks, That is REAL!!


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