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Dont let the title of this post fool you ! I am not complaining.

Our typical day begins at 6 am. 5:30 If I am lucky enough to not beat my alarm clock to pieces and actually get up and make my daughter a good breakfast so she is not eating cereal in the car on the way to school . 

One of my requirements for my daughter to participate in all of her activities. She must, must,must,maintain her honor roll status at school!

Mornings in my house are no fun! It stinks because it set's the tone for the entire day.However we are not morning people! Many of our days start with a lot of Gggggggrrrrrrrrs !

Finally she is up!She eats breakfast with the lightening fast speed of a snail.She savors every last bite as if it were going to be her last morsel for the day.Let's go!Get a move on! I exclaim for the 15th time every morning.

Alas! She is geting dressed .Needless to say she doesnt agree with the clothing choice from last night,so that was another 10 minutes to find her outfit of choice for the day.Dressed at last , teeth brushed , face washed.Her hair ! What to do with her hair ? Waist length,semi thick,easily tangled,straight hair. Pony tail it is !

Lunch box packed, back pack ready, snack money in back pack and were off ! Were are my keys ? Finally out the door and on our way !12-15 minutes ride to school so its really not too bad,drop off/ pick up is usually pretty easy where she goes to school.That's a major plus !

I owe! I owe! It's off to work I go.Where I get to spend time with grown ups and drink coffee and not talk about 3rd grade gossip.But what do we as grown ups talk about at work ? OUR KIDS of course !

3:00 schools out !Bell rings and mines off to cross country practice till 4:00,Girls varsity practice till 5:30 and then All-Star practice from 6:30 till 8:30. Finally home around 9:00. It's time for a easy dinner,shower, homework and off to bed she goes.My bedtime varies 11:30 on an easy night is the best I can hope for .

I peek into her room one last time before I go to bed. There she is.Sleeping like an angel.My girl. My honor roll  student since KIndergarten,cross country running, cheer loving , basing,backspotting,flyer,sleeping with a smile on her beautiful face. 

Friends and family ask how I do it everday. Realistically what do I do? I drive the car and write the checks .She's the one busting her butt ! Not me.

To see her face light up when she takes that stage at competition,to see that smile,that sparkle in her eyes,that sheer happiness,knowing her dedication and hard work to get to where she is at, for all of the 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the routine,has paid off. I consider that payment in full for any contibution I have made to her quest.

As far as not having a life.I have the greatest life ! I am a Cheer Mom !

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