Good Morning! Don't entertain foolishness today. You won't win an award for it and it doesn't pay either. People that are unhappy with their own life won't be happy for you either. Understand that and keep it moving! If you find yourself surrounded by negative people having negative conversations, and you struggle with the addiction to the drama of others, at some point, you will have to make a decision to either BE the company you keep, or walk away. Folks, you never know what kind of truth/wisdom you are going to get from me on a daily basis. Maybe that is why some say that I am unpredictable. As always everything is not for everyone so take whats for you and and apply it to whatever you choose to.

Whenever I write a post or meet with others i often ask myself these important questions: When I talk, do people take the time to listen? When people ask for my advice, do they really take it? Do my words hold weight, or are they the dead part of a 
conversation? Do I have anything intelligent to say? These are things I ponder.... 

Had a little break to post now I have to get back to working! Folks, when you're in a zone, let no one come and distract you. I'm off to focus on The Cheerleading Agency as well as making the Champions Cup Cheer and Dance State Nationals the best event ever. Don't forget to stay tuned to and listen for our commercial and visit our Facebook page so you you can see the uniforms that are being posted.


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