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As I watch both episodes for the 2nd and 3rd time, I have found myself summarizing with one word… "Teamwork"!! Two weeks ago the girls were going into a Worlds Bid competition. There were many struggles, some drama between teams, stunting issues, frustration…and the disappointment of ending up 2nd with NO full paid bid! "Mental weakness affects the stunt group and the whole "TEAM" ; was stated by Patty Ann. One stunt fall and a touch down cost the TEAM the 25,000 and a free ride to the Cheerleading Worlds! That right there is enough to ruin the rest of the season … But it didn't. The 2nd day of that competition, they came together as a stunt group, as a TEAM!! We saw that "faking it" is sometimes the best for The TEAM! The coaches makes decisions based again on what's best for "THE TEAM"! I cried when I watched that Day 2 performance! 2012 Worlds came flashing back..;)
I enjoyed seeing Emily pull her stunt group together and giving them a pep talk. She became a leader that day and Baby May learned what it is like to fight for that stunt. I hope all the flyers out there were watching!  
Patty Ann, Mike, Kevin and JJ looked at every aspect of the routine and made sure changes are what's best for the TEAM! "Love is not created by hating someone else" – PA.
I truly felt her heartfelt words to Tucker and saw her take some responsibility of that issue. What an inspiration! From that moment on, the atmosphere changed and those teams started rooting for each other. As a mom of an athlete on a World Champion team, I have witnessed first hand both the jealousy AND the support! When teams root each other on, it creates such sisterhood and a positive gym environment! Kudos to the staff for making that happen!! When they brought Happy Hooper and Brandon in, from Ace All-Stars… I was thrilled!  They definitely needed to beef up that pyramid!  I saw all the girls work together to make it happen! Leah, the youngest of the team, put on her big girl pants and stepped up to the plate! The adrenaline was flowing and everyone was stepping up to the challenge! Difficulty was the key!
Lori, Lexi's mom, came up with the Cut-a-Thon idea to raise money for Worlds. I thought, What a great idea! She and the other parents came together to help those that couldn't afford it.. As a team!! Many gyms out there could learn from this! I loved the excitement that day and the bonding of the TEAM! When they hit at the Trenton competition, I was so happy for CJA!! They were on the right track… as a TEAM! The only thing I wish they would have said was that they actually weren't competeing against anyone in their division… However they did get GRAND CHAMPS, which is awesome! I get that it is somewhat staged for the excitement but would have liked them to say that they were the only ones in their division. With all of that said… Again, I have been entertained by the girls and the coaches at CJA! This show has shown so many aspects of our sport, which makes it great!!! With all of the "ME!ME!ME!" Stuff out there right now on social media… I so appreciate all that Patty Ann has done to create a TEAM atmosphere! As I always say to my daughter… "It takes 36 of you to win and 36 of you to loose!"
I will leave you with the best quote of the 2 episodes: "Humble is so much more attractive… Humble is the hardest thing to be BUT the most attractive!" – Patty Ann  Winning isn't everything but man, it sure feels good when you win as a TEAM!
Thumbs up to CJA once again!!
Happy Cheering! – Mamakat 


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