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Good Morning! Lord, THANK YOU for blessing me with another day. Thank you for watching over and protecting my family, friends and foes! I will not take this day for granted and I look forward to finishing the missions you have laid before me... 

Happiness depends upon the quality of your thoughts. CHOOSE to engage in thoughts of kindness, patience, and gratitude. Even In the midst of your roughest moments, remember God has your back. His grace and mercy will see YOU through...You can be happy or you can be miserable. But, if you are going to be alive, you might as well LIVE ! I'm telling you, HAPPINESS is a MIND SHIFT away. Get creative! This is YOUR LIFE! Choosing a way to be happy is worth the search.

LIFE is about options not let downs. If one thing doesn't work, something else will. Be prepared so you limit time spent being disappointed. It's not where you came from Its where YOU ARE going. Trust me I know. Never let anyone or anything hold you back because of who you are or because of your past... Become a better person and do better! With the holiday approaching, I see so many people stressing over money. SO what you don't have things or $$$ to buy them. Count up what you have that $$$ can't buy. God made my LIFE better when I stop thinking about the WORST that I was experiencing....

Folks, you have to know your purpose!!! PURPOSE - find it, follow it, forsake all else for it, then fulfill it... Make the best out of your day! Be your best you, on purpose.


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