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Misery loves company! Don't let people unhappy with their own lives, try to bring you down. When you have your own life, you don't have time to hate on anyone else's. If folks spent less time being jealous of what other people have and more time working on themselves; they would have everything they want and then some! If you're not learning, earning, or evolving from someone/something, and it doesn't add value to your life, don't invest your energy into it!

Day 18: Clarity brings peace.... I am Thankful for the ability to know when someone shows me their true colors, I need to believe them. It's truly amazing the things I think about but never say. I simply observe and mentally jot. Folks, I know my post are often long but I am learning to say less than necessary.

As a reminder: Life isn't about status or the material things you attain...share your internal gifts with the world and create REAL change. Get over your past and start preparing for your future! Tomorrow shouldn't look like yesterday!

Time to really get back on my Grustle! I Am going to get an early start on work for the upcoming week. Looks like I am only taking Thanksgiving day off. 

As for the rest of this lovely day.... I AM ABOUT TO MAKE MOVES THAT REALLY MATTER!!!!


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