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Good Morning! Rise and SHINE soldiers! Each day I wake I am thankful that I have another day to do better than I did the previous 24 hours. I ask myself daily if I have made the changes and progress in my relationships with GOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS and BUSINESS. Change is important for my GROWTH! I have learned that in life, there must be measurable progress in reasonable time, or you need to make substantial changes. I can 1000% say that I am not the same person today that I was yesterday! Each day I strive to make not only my life better but the others who around me better. It is simple to me. When you truly love LOVES YOU BACK!!!! 

I love the people who support me and I love the people who do not support me. I love my friends and I love my frienemies! I love those who agree with me and I love those who disagree with me. If you see there is a pattern of Love in every statement. No matter what good or bad it gives me fuel to do bet
ter. There's a message in there so don't miss it!

If you want more, you have to do more! If you want better, then you have to do better! You have to Unleash your talents, stand up and DO YOU! STOP thinking what you are doing is isn't!!! As there is always someone, somewhere willing to do MORE! I must say this for the record. The people that I have encountered in my life time don't lack talent, they lack vision. I don't mind lacking a lot of things in life... but VISION will never be one of them! If you don't have a Vision then you may not live in your purpose... It's not that most people won't accomplish their dreams & purpose in life it's just that most give UP before they DO!

Folks, every truth I share that will help move a person closer to their purpose may not be immediately embraced but will ALWAYS manifest itself! Everything you want to be in life you already are you r just on a road to discovering it! 


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